Terms and Conditions for UttarakhandProperty.in

1. Services:

UttarakhandProperty.in (the “Website”) provides a platform to access property-related content. This content is submitted by property owners or their representatives. By using the Website, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

2. Website:

This document refers to UttarakhandProperty.in, accessible from https://uttarakhandproperty.in.

3. Acknowledgment:

You acknowledge that you have read these Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

4. Third-Party Links:

The Website may contain links to third-party websites or services not owned or controlled by UttarakhandProperty.in.

5. Third-Party Terms & Conditions:

We encourage you to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any third-party websites or services you visit.

6. Termination:

UttarakhandProperty.in reserves the right to terminate your access to the Website for any reason, with or without notice.

7. Limitation of Liability:

UttarakhandProperty.in is not liable for any damages arising from the use of the Website or the content it contains.

8. “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” Disclaimer:

The Website and its content are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” without any warranty of any kind.

9. Governing Law:

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.

10. Sharing Property Details:

By sharing your property details through our social network accounts, you grant UttarakhandProperty.in the right to publish that content on our websites and social networks.

11. Disputes Resolution:

Any dispute arising out of or relating to these Terms & Conditions shall be resolved through arbitration.

12. Changes to These Terms and Conditions:

UttarakhandProperty.in reserves the right to update these Terms & Conditions at any time.

13. Contact Us:

If you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions, please contact us :

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